Hey y’all. I’m Victoria, sexuality influencer, educator, writer, and content creator. In 2013, I found myself in the midst of a tumultuous divorce and yep, that’s right folks, back in the dating game.

I was raised in the South… Southern Baptist Christian.  I was a sexually active teenager who enjoyed sex more than the adults in my family thought I should have been. Quite naturally, I experienced quite a bit of cognitive dissonance around sex and sexuality that I hadn’t confronted until recently.

After pregnancy and childbirth I was insecure and self conscious about my body which made me a bit resistant to dating after the separation. Might seem common, but this was odd for me as I’d always had killer confidence. Fortunately, that didn’t last very long.

Lying on the bed with locs

Starting Again

Once the divorce was finalized, I moved to Texas and began redefining my sexuality in epic ways. Dating apps were new to me and Craigslists was timeless, unrestricted dating (RIP 😢). Some of my experiences were wonderful and others not that great. Even so, my many adventures, along with my spiritual journey inspired the launch of my blog, Pretty Pink Lotus Bud.

There was just so much I needed to express and I had stumbled upon a perfect outlet. Four months after launching my blog, I met a tribe of other influencers who raised scholarships for me and two other bloggers to attend the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. Here, I discovered even more inspiration that took me deeper into my spiritual journey.

Since starting my blog I’ve attended several conferences nationally and abroad. I’ve done a couple of podcast interviews, a women’s appreciation blog interview, and I’ve published an article with xonicole.

Redvelvet Teddy

I’m so unorthodox in my sexuality. Hell, in everything actually. I’m not a pick-a-side kind of girl. I adore all facets of sex with all kinds of persons and I tend to attract some awesome and hilarious experiences. I’m powerfully intuitive and this has always been a governing compass of mine. I had been identifying as solo-polyamorist, but seeing as how I’m no longer flying solo, I’m currently working on redefining this. I’m not too eager to settle on anything at the moment.

Self-love, self-care, and empowerment have been at the center of my purpose. Somewhere along this journey, I got into “unorthodox” spiritual practices which are heavily influenced by erotic expression and sexual pleasure. Unorthodox because I’m not sure what to call it besides my craft. But I can definitely say I am a crystal toting, sage smudging, moonlight meditating, sex magic manifesting, melanated goddess.

As a sexuality influencer, I advocate for shame-free, victim-less, unapologetic, and body positive sex– sex empowered. I am pro do what feels good to you as long as you are not harming others.

These days I am running a newly launched podcast, writing a book, and being a mommy full time… My favoritest thing in life. I keep myself busy taking on sponsors, traveling, helping women conquer sex after divorce, and providing parents with the resources to parent in a sex positive way.