Hey y’all. I’m Victoria, sexuality influencer, author, content creator, and orgasm advocate. Co-author of the Amazon best seller Sex After Divorce: Been There Done That and Had The Orgasms To Prove It.

As a former middle school educator with a background in marketing, I decided to change careers in pursuit of my purpose and my passion to educate and empower womxn in their sexuality.

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud

  1. Tells a story of my personal and spiritual journey in sexuality through my blog
  2. Serves as a space for intersectional advocacy centering community healing through feminine empowerment.
  3. Provides me with the opportunity to work with companies and brands 

I am always a work in progress, learning and growing in my sexuality as well as other areas of my life.

My work mainly focuses on stamping out shame and stigma, pleasure-based sex education with amazing toy reviews, and empowering women in their sexuality through self-healing with my writing and speaking engagements.

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I was raised in the South… Southern Baptist Christian.  I was a sexually active teenager who enjoyed sex more than the adults in my life thought I should. Quite naturally, I experienced dissonance around sex and sexuality that I hadn’t confronted until recently. Better late than never.

I was fortunate to learn a lot about myself as a sexually active young person. I had, for the most part, beautiful and pleasurable experiences. Unfortunately, I also endured shaming, abuse, and other trauma around my sexual expression.

Through ongoing self-healing, I release the burden of sexual, cultural, and religious trauma in order to explore and redefine my sexuality in epic ways. This has been both intentional and necessary along this journey which I now recognize to be my spiritual calling.

This calling inspired the launch of my blog, Pretty Pink Lotus Bud; a place to openly express the lessons and triumphs in my sexuality.

Be fierce in the pursuit of what sets yoour soul on fire

Four months after launching my blog, I met a tribe of other influencers who raised scholarships for me and a few other bloggers to attend the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. Here, I discovered even more inspiration that took me deeper into my spiritual journey.

I’m unorthodox in my sexuality. Hell, in everything actually. I adore all facets of sex with all types of persons and I tend to attract some awesome and hilarious experiences. I’m powerfully intuitive and this has always been a governing compass of mine.

Somewhere along this journey, I got into “unorthodox” spiritual practices which are heavily influenced by erotic expression and sexual pleasure. Most recently I’ve come to identify as an Omnist and a witch. I am definitely a crystal toting, sage smudging, moonlight meditating, sex magic manifesting, melanated goddess.

As a sexuality influencer, I advocate for shame-free, victim-less, unapologetic, and body positive sex– sex empowered. I am pro do what feels good to you as long as you are not harming others.

Yoni Uncensored Podcast

These days I am running a newly launched podcast, writing a book, and being a mommy full time… My favoritest thing in life. I keep myself busy taking on sponsors, traveling, helping women conquer sex after divorce, and providing parents with the resources to parent in a sex positive way.

Welcome and I trust you’ll find lots of valuable information here.

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