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A Quick Guide to Quickies: How Do You Feel About ‘Em

Do you like quickies? Wait, wait. Do we even know what quickies are? I’ve learned a few new things. Especially that everyone doesn’t have the same definition of what a quickie is as you can see from these definitions I found on Urban Dictionary.

Who knew folks had varied ways in how they define a quickie. I didn’t.

The pictorial definition of quickie

Sooooo… I recently did some Que and Aye on quickies my IGTV that went over well with my IG community so I decided to upload them to my YouTube channel and share them here as well.

If you haven’t subscribed to my channel on YouTube, now is really good time to do that. I do realize it’s a bit inconsistent. I’m still figuring out my channel so yeah. It gets better.

The first video talks about my personal experience with quickies. The second video is a Que and Aye videos with questions from my Instagram community. Except this one that I didn’t remember to answer:

Question: Should you go commando when doing a quickie?

Answer: NO if commando means all of your clothes because that might things go quickie overtime.

YES if your clothes are already off.

MAYBE if you only mean underwear but this depends on how easily it is to get them on or off.

Check out the videos. Love it? Yes. Like and share. Comment with some feedback on your own perspective of quickies. Do you enjoy them? Why or why not?

You are also welcome to ask any other questions you might have and I’ll be glad to answer those on video as well.


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