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Summer 100 June Recap

June has been such a busy and wonderful month for Pretty Pink Lotus Bud and the Summer 100 sex blogger blog challenge. I am absolutely elated about all of the wonderful and creative content that is being shared by everyone participating. I’m very thankful for the relationships I have formed and am continuing to build.

Just in case you missed all the gems, because it’s definitely been that kind of summer, don’t worry…I’ve got a detailed recap right here. There were so many great posts. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to my personal faves and ones that I found intriguing. So yes, this recap is a bit biased but no worries. Biased or not, these are awesome and very educational posts.


Now you lovelies might be aware of how deeply I feel about being both a mother and a sexual being from Free My Postpartum Sexuality. I love, love, love Victoria’s Mom in the Spotlight feature. In her most recent feature, she asks mom about her sex education and how it might be different for her children; an awesome thing to consider when you’re raising children.

Needless to say, sex positive parenting is important to me but if you weren’t raised in such an environment, I’m sure you have lots of questions and concerns. Kristin, who is a licensed Sexual Health Professional, addresses many of the questions that you may have in her Sex Positive Parenting piece. Please, share with others seeking advice on sex positive parenting.

Sex positive parenting must, must include us talking to our children about consent as Lydia talks about in her post. It is always my goal to raise sexually empowered children and consent is such an important component of that goal.

No Anal for me, please.

Everyone is into anal sex, except me. I’m so with Isabelle on this one. I’ve tried it several times with huge gaps in between tries and it’s just not my thing. Sorry, not sorry.

Sex bloggers against Slut-shaming

Sexual shaming makes me livid so I was having so many Yasssss! moments for the lovely pieces against sex and slut shaming like this one, Can We Hurry Up & Stop Slut Shaming  and this one by Life Coach Alex, Sex Shaming is a Recipe for Disaster. Of course, I’m all too familiar with this experience, Slut Shamed for Being a Sex Blogger so I am here for it all. Yassss!

Experience Alt Porn

Confessional moment, I thoroughly enjoy watching porn. I’ve only been exposed to mainstream, popular genres of porn which is horrible. Yes, horrible. I am glad to have discovered these wonderful and detailed feminist queer Crashpad reviews by Carly of Dildo or Dildon’t.

Carly and I are part of the WOC bloggers on our way to Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Washington, DC. We’re still raising money for that so please check it out and consider donating. We appreciate you!

 summer 100 Pretty Pink Lotus Bud Presents sex blogger blog challenge

Bad A$$ Blow jobs

If you don’t know how much I love to give a good blow job, you should definitely be headed to my Joys of Fellatio Blog Series right now. No, I mean go NOW! Then once you’re done checking out my series, you can hit up Life Sexual for a male perspective on Tips To Give Him The Best Blowjob of His Life.

Popular Poly

My oh my, there has been a lot of poly chatter around the sex blogisphere and I’m not mad about it. Ideally, I love poly lifestyle. For those of you who don’t know much about the many facets of poly life (and are interested), looking into the post I’ve listed below is something you want to do.

Take Back Your Sex Podcast Episode 008: Poly Talk with Katie Speaks

Tantric With: Polyamory the magic of loving many

Sharp Sweet Bella: Mediator’s Toolkit: Encountering Myths about Polyamory

Vixen Coaching: Polyamory Q&A

Love this matter of fact post by Ana of The Story of A: I’m Sorry, Where Did Poly People Say Everyone Had to Be?

And once you’re done exploring those you must check out 7 Truths About Being NonMonogamous

Sex Toy Reviews

And if you’re looking for awesome sex toy reviews A Mess of Reviews is definitely where you should be right now. I’m just saying.

HIV Awareness

HIV awareness is near and dear to my heart and you can discover why in my piece To Love Someone with HIV. That being said, I was very glad to see this post on HIV Awareness for National HIV Testing Day on Chronic Sex.

As I said, this month has brought some amazing, amazing posts! Yay, for the #Summer100. Keep up the great work, everyone.

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