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Stop Running Pussy Scams!

What exactly is a pussy scam? A pussy scam is when a person, usually a cisgender man offers to do something nice for another person, usually a cisgender woman, with the expectation of sex being the reward of a supposedly genuine gesture of kindness. In many cases, he might offer to do a favor, fulfill a need, complete a task, take her out, or buy her something like dinner and drinks. Pussy scams are so rampant that women often turn down kind offers from men because we feel like sex is more than likely the expectation. I mean, especially if you like a guy. You’re so reluctant to ask of anything or accept any offers because you don’t want to be disappointed. It’s like, “Oh, here’s this guy who barely knows me, being so sweet and offering to do all these nice things.” Then you ask yourself cynically, “Ok, what does he want.” Answer, “The only thing that he knows you have for sure.”