Play With My A$$ While I Read a Book

But wait wouldn’t that be distracting. Well sure, it could be distracting. It could also be sexual harassment or sexual assault depending on the context. More obviously, with someone you’re comfortable with, it could be arousing. Allowing someone to play with my booty while I read a book is mostly about the context of the circumstances.

First, if I’ve opted to read when you’re around that means we’ve gotten past that formal, somewhat awkward first stage of getting to know someone and meeting their representative. Some might find it rude, but I promise it’s a compliment coming from me. We are now moving to an area that we can interact with one another without direct physical or verbal contact. For me, this is such a pleasant and peaceful place to be. It means we enjoy one another’s presence; one another’s aura and energy. I wish to share this feeling with more people, more often.

I enjoy reading mostly when I feel comfortable and uninhibited. Usually, I am home, mostly nude, and food is nearby. I like when things are quiet and I’m in solitude. The chance of being disturbed is unlikely.  If I allow you to join me in my solitude, you just might be a sure thing.

As much as I love to read, few people whom I share a personal relationship with have witnessed me reading. To give you a better idea, for the entire three years of my marriage, I did not read a single book. I did not feel comfortable and I was constantly on high alert (I’ll post about that, too). Those are not great reading contexts at all.

Secondly, I haven’t always been a huge fan of my ass. It’s brought on a lot of criticism throughout the years; mostly self-criticism. It didn’t exist until somewhere around 2006. It’s oddly shaped. It’s flat at the top. It’s (arguably) small. It doesn’t fit my hips. It has too many stretch marks to be so little. Ewww cellulite. It’s too hairy. It’s jiggly. Why is it jiggly and it’s not even big?

It has taken a lot of self-compassion to bring me to this place of loving my booty. It’s ok to not have the socially constructed version of the perfectly round, taught, even toned, Brazillian waxed, bikini booty. When I finally sat down to have the long overdue conversation with myself about my relationship with my ass, I realized I really didn’t have an issue with any of those things. I love my ass; even more so in some hi cut, cheeky, lace boy shorts and when I’m watching it bounce back and forth in the reflection of mirrored hotel room walls as I’m taking it from the back.

Even so, I’m very sensitive when it comes to my ass. The wounds of self-criticism are still healing. Keep all negative comments to yourself, please and thank you. I said all that to say, if I let you play with my ass (even when I’m not reading a book), I feel safe with you. My safety is the most important thing to me, physically and psychologically. In many contexts, my safety is the key to my comfort. I cannot feel comfortable unless I feel safe.

The Pretty Pink Lotus Bud writer, Victoria R.

Playing with my ass while I read a book essentially means I feel safe and comfortable with you.

Finally, it’s more about intimacy and less about sex. Once I’ve reached this place, you could play with my ass all day and I’d probably fall asleep before I’d want to have sex. This is because I value intimacy much more than I value sex, however, mostly the two are intertwined. Once a romantic connection is established, intimacy usually leads to sex. Chances are if I’m comfortable enough to be intimate with you, I’m comfortable enough to have sex with you even if I never do.

However, under the circumstances of playing with my ass while I read a book, sex is likely to occur soon and often, if it hasn’t already. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy basking in the safety and comfort of such an intimate moment way too much to end it. I’m selfish like that sometimes. And if I am this comfortable with you, then I’m certain that you won’t mind me being selfish because you‘ll know that’s your ass and you can have it anytime you want.

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What are things you do when you are comfortable with your lover?

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