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11 Ways to support your favorite Sex Blogger

It’s that time of year again. What time is that you ask?

Time to nominate your fave (that would be me) for the Chaturbate Top 100 Sex Blogs and Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Heros.

For Chaturbate just leave a comment with my blog name and url in the article’s comments section. For Kinkly, you only need to click the green vote button on the page.

Here are five reasons you should vote for me

  • Obviously because you love my content
  • Because you think I’m gorgeous
  • Because I teach you new ideas and perspectives
  • Because you support my growth
  • Because you would like me to continue to produce sex positive content that makes the world a safer place to exist

While we are on the subject of why I and all other sex positive sex blogger deserve your vote for these awesome recognitions, here are a few additional ways you can support me and other awesome sex bloggers.

Here are a few ways you can support me, your favorite sex blogger 

Sharing is caring. Sharing is daring. In the case of sex, sharing is both.

1. Share our content. When you find our content interesting, hilarious, or useful, share it. Even if you don’t find it to be either of these, share it anyway. Someone in your circle might find it useful. Give the people what they want.

With all of the restrictions on erotic content, it’s not easy getting your content seen. Share our blog posts, share our YouTube and IGTV videos.

2. Share our Facebook posts in your groups. When we share our own posts it’s called advertising or self promotion and too many groups do not allow this. But when someone else does it in a relevant way, this is when the magic happens!

3. Ohhhhh! Share our content in your private chats. Give us a shoutout on your social media. Say, “Hey, this blogger is so awesome. You are really missing out on your whole life if you don’t check out her content!”

4. Start a thread on Reddit and other forums. Ask some questions. Start a “discussion” 樂

5. Follow us on social media and interact with our posts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. We talk about sex, sex toys, erotica. We teach you new things. We make you laugh. We make you feel. You fucking love us! So like our posts, comment our posts.

Hello! It’s no fun talking to yourself. We love hearing about your thoughts, opinions, and experiences. It actually teaches me a bunch of new stuff. Finally, share our posts so others can join the conversation. Don’t be shy! We love and want your participation.

6. Are you on Pinterest? Follow our boards. All of them. But don’t stop there, pin our posts. Pin several of our posts to multiple boards. If you don’t have a board that fits, create one. Yes! You have that power. Look at you mighty, mighty One! Creating and shit. I see you!

7. Start a collection of sex professionals, create a list on Twitter and give it a special name to keep up with our content. And Retweet our tweets just cause we’re fucking awesome! Aren’t following me on Twitter?

8. Leave lots of comments on blog posts. It helps to make our content more visible to search engines and let’s the algorithm know that what we’re sharing is important. Because it is!

9. Link to us from your own blog or website. Do follow links help us rank better with search engines and gives our work much more credibility.

So we got it right? Comment, like, share, repost, add to your story, retweet, start a list, start a thread, and pin, pin, and pin some more. Interact with our content in a variety of ways on a variety of platforms. Think of all the good you’d be doing the world.

10. Finally, subscribe to get our posts, get all this awesomeness direct to your inbox. And once it’s in your inbox you are encouraged to send a reply and forward it to your friends with consent.

11. We also accept donations via PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle or just buy me a coffee. When you’re ready to purchase products, purchase from us or through our affiliate links.

Here’s a link to my store and my #WomensOrgasmsMatter t-shirt link just in case you’re considering a purchase right now.

Thanks for reading and sharing ☺️. I encouraged you to invite me to platforms you enjoy.

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