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11 Ways to Practice Mindful Self-Love

Mindfulness and self-love seem to be a trend and I am incredibly inspired by this phenomenon.

Because you are here on this article, I’m going to assume several things: a) that you arrived here intentionally b) that you are familiar with what is mindfulness c) and also what is self-love. 

In case you do not, I would suggest doing some research on both of those and then returning to this article. On my own journey of spirituality, I have gotten well acquainted with the practice of mindfulness and self-love, individually and as one fluid motion. Each of them have been incredibly instrumental in guiding me and helping me manage anxiety. 

Below is a list of practices that have been useful to me. I trust you will find them useful as well. You do not have to follow these to the letter. I encourage you to make them your own; adding and taking away as you see fit. You can also allow this list to inspire you to come up with some practices of your own that may align more with your lifestyle.

Let me know that you found this list helpful by leaving me a message in the comment. And you are welcome to share this list with others who may benefit. 

11 Practices for Mindful Self-Love

Speak deliberately. This means being intentional with your words. Consider your words, their arrangement, tone, and delivery before you speak them. You can do this by speaking more slowly. Although, speaking slowly isn’t necessary to speak deliberately. 

A technique you can try is to hold a thought in your mind prior to speaking recognizing that you are not the thought in your mind. You are the energy (inner “chi”) observing the thought. You are the creator of the thought. In this realm of yourSelf, thinking and speaking, you are ALL powerful.

Discover what makes sense. What makes sense keeping in mind that you are an extrasensory being? You have more than six senses. Yes, I said more than six. Tap into what makes sense. There are many ways to do this. 

11 Ways to Practice Mindful Self-Love
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When we are disconnected from our extra sensory senses, we find the world confusing, stressful, frustrating, and overwhelming. I’m not here to tell you it is easy. I am here to tell you it can be done. It takes practice and discipline. Your senses are an extension of your physical body. Just as muscles require flexing; your senses require flexing as well. 

Explore extrasensory abilities, often called psychic gifts, like clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, discernment, astral travel, and telepathy. Choose a gift and practice daily for an increasing number of days days.

Listen to Hindu mantras as soon as you wake in the morning. One of my absolute favorites is “Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi Karamadhye Sarasvati Karamule Tu Govindah Prabhaate Karadarshanam”. 

It is a mantra to the goddesses Lakshmi -goddess of wealth, Saraswathi -goddess of art, knowledge, music, and science, and Gowri -goddess of power. 

I found it on YouTube. You can find more Hindu mantras on YouTube. There are websites that offer them free or with sign up as well.

Dress in comfortable clothes as long as you’re going to wear them. Clothes that feel uncomfortable to our body or that we feel less attractive wearing makes us irritable, nervous, and self-conscious. Soft, breathable clothes allow us to move freely and fluidly. Being intentional with the clothes we choose fosters our sense of creative expression and security.

Drink tea with your ancestors. Without them we would not be. 

Collect as many photos as you can find; Give them their own special display; Provide an offering of water, light a white candle, and incense you love (the basics). Then sit with your ancestors, drink tea, and tell them all the reason why you love that candle scent or the best part of your day. Nothing heavy, keep it light and jovial. 

Keep a list journal. Our minds are constantly racing and a quick brain dump can be just what we need to get back into the flow. List journals help us de-clutter our mind, organize our ideas, and release anxiety. 

Keeping a list journal helps us remain present, reduces stress, and it certainly keeps me sane. Lists can be things to do, random thoughts, ideas, people we’re thinking of, or whatever else is worrying our minds, keeping us from the task or relaxation at hand.

Speaking of de-cluttering, organizing your space is an excellent way to do this. When tidying your space, toss away trash, donate or re-home your things to keep your space light and open. Dust and wipe your space clean. Organize in a ritualistic way; by number, by color, by height, etc.

De-cluttering helps with anxiety, depression, and feeling overwhelmed. It enhances your ability to intuit.

Start a rising ritual that you do everyday when you wake up. Come up with something unique and personal to you. Here are a few ideas:

Listen to chants, drink water, sit with your Ancestors, play singing bowls, prepare breakfast, drink tea, physical exercise, mindfulness exercises, intuitive exercise. 

Speak to your Angels and Guides using an oracle deck, tarot cards, or a pendulum for yes or no questions. It’s always fun to hear what They have to say. Ask honest questions, be encouraged to dive, and keep the questions straight forward. 

Take some time to craft personal, unique questions to receive clear answers.

Smudge your space and card deck, light a candle, and call upon your Guides (in a way that resonates with you). While shuffling your deck, state your question out loud or in your mind. Wait to see what pops out or pull from the top of the stack.

Reshuffle after every question and answer received.

Create something special. This could be as simple as a handwritten letter to send to a friend (or stranger) or something that requires a bit more commitment like starting a new hobby or picking up an old one. 

Display it or re-home it (gift or sell). It does well to perform a re-homing ceremony. A re-homing ceremony is the equivalent of blessing your special creation to bring good luck to its new space.

For a letter or drawing a picture, cleanse your space, play some mood music for whatever mood you’re in, gather writing utensils, write your letter, seal, and send your love out into the world.

Fill your letter with extra goodies including photos, stickers, or glitter. Whisper words of well-being and affirmation. 

Doing body worship rituals, while listening to Shakti mantras. So the mantras part isn’t required although I highly recommend it.

Exfoliating with body scrubs, applying body masks, and rubbing in body oils are powerful rituals of body worship. Oh, body brushing as well which helps with circulation.

These work best using all natural ingredients and if you’re feeling bold and sexy you can try it in front of a mirror. 

My best advice- Develop a healthy obsession for doing good things for yourself. As long as your have enjoyed this post and find it useful, leave me a comment and share it with people you love.

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