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Pits, Tits, & Naming Your Naughty Bits

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic-a sex blog about feminine sexuality, relationships, and spirituality

Let the record show that this post has nothing to do with pits and tits and everything to do with naming your naughty bits.

I just love Orange is the New Black and since I’ve recently completed binge watching season 5 **Sigh**, I now have to wait an entire year for yet another new season. Oh well **shrug**. I love OITNB for its real and raw depiction of feminine and female sexuality in a variety of forms. I can relate as it spotlights and magnifies true issues we face as women including conflicting ideals about our sexuality, the lack of education and empowerment when it comes to our sexual anatomy. Issues that could almost (and often do) go ignored on the “outside” which women in prison constantly must face, making it much more difficult to ignore. Sadly, I don’t meet many men who watch OITNB which is so unfortunate because there is truly a lot to be learned.




There is very little I love more than educational entertainment.

If you have not and plan to watch season 5, I promise not to spoil it for you so please continue reading with this reassurance. In season 5 episode 10 (I believe), when negotiations are happening between Figueroa, Caputo, and the inmates, namely Taystee, Fig and Taystee reveal the names of their lady bits. Now that’s all I going to tell you…see, no spoiler.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you’ll notice the highlighted differences in the images below. For those who read the blog or interact with me regularly via various social platforms, then you know without a doubt that my name is indeed Victoria and I go by Vikki. So you’re probably wondering what’s with the Desiree? By now, I’m sure you can guess.

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Yes! Desiree is the name of my lady bits. While I am the author and creator of this beloved blog, Pretty Pink Lotus Bud, Desiree is my muse. This blog would be so little without her, but she didn’t always have a name.

My pussy, my vagina, my coochie, my honey pot, my taco, my kitty, my cookie was dubbed Desiree during the Summer ’16: my summer of sexual exploration. [more vagina nicknames].

Summer of Desiree

During Summer ’16, I embarked on a journey that was all about Desiree. It is best remembered by me as the Summer of Desiree as I signed off on each composition of a detailed memoir that I might share with you all one day. I had decided that it was time for her to make her debut, to discover her grandest capabilities, and Desiree seems so appropriate because she is truly a thing to be desired. The Summer of Desiree represented not only pleasures and exploration, but desires to exist outside of my comfort zone or rather exist within spaces I was not accustomed to existing.

“Desiree, Desiree, Desiree.” His voice still echoes in my mind as he expressed how impressed he was with her skills.

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

From a cultural perspective, we know that there is power in a name. We name our offspring, we name our pets, we name our possessions. All the things that are important to us, we give them a name to signify this truth. We understand that a name can be a source of empowerment. A name gives a thing a personal identity transforming it from just a thing. Desiree is certainly much, much more than just a thing.

Empower Your Pussy!

Your vajayjay is magic. I know you see those memes all the time, but do you really consider what it means. Your vajayjay is a source of power, a source of pleasure, and a portal of souls. She deserves a name! And one that represents her significance to you as well as her own individual significance. Consider the role she’s played in your life, consider the evolution of how you feel about her, consider the lessons she’s brought to your door step, consider her transformation and all you have experienced to bring her into being-ness for those of us who may not have been born with her. She deserves the honor, the recognition and yes, she deserves praise.

And if you can’t think of any, anything at all here’s one that’s particularly magical, Vaginas clean themselves.


Do your lady bits have a name?

Tell me her name in the comments below & share this post with your tribe.


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