<p>I strive to raise sex positive children and as much as I strive for this, the reality is I don’t really know how. Contrary to what this blog may project…I am not a sex expert. The idea of being sex positive in general is relatively new to me so the […]</p>
<p>For me, to be sexually empowered means owning all aspects of your sexuality, acknowledging the oneness of your mind, body, and spirit in every sexual encounter, and ALWAYS putting your desires and well-being first. Sexual empowerment means never avoiding the conversation. It means openly exploring desires without judgment. It means putting your health and your personal values first. It means embracing all the things that shape your sexuality.</p>
<p>There is relatively universal consensus that pregnancy and motherhood is a beautiful and blessed journey. For the most part, it is a common belief that “A child is a blessing from God.” That is how I’ve always heard it but you ever notice how pregnancy and motherhood is a huge source of cultural shame?</p>

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PPLB was created as a safe space to openly express my sexuality, sharing and exploring my sexual experiences as well as those of others. As I have been a very sensual person since before my sexual debut, I have resented the idea that I must hide this huge part of who I am as to avoid being ostracized. This blog is from a very personal perspective. All experiences and opinions are my own unless I say otherwise. PPLB is a space to honor those perspectives and the things I love the most: sensuality, intimacy, connection, and boundless love. To praise the almighty orgasm and worship the power of the pussy. Here, we celebrate sexual liberation, empowerment, open expression, and feminism. We raise awareness on social and health concerns. We explore our sexuality, both anatomically and psychologically. We bring sex out of the darkness of secret and shame. We recognize the connection between sex and spirituality.

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Birth of a desire for open sexual expression, PPLB features sex education, self-love, sex magic, and sex positive parenting resources. You are encouraged to take full advantage of the resources we offer. Enjoy!

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Pretty Pink Lotus Bud: When did you first recognize you needed consent?

When did you first recognize you needed consent?

The first time I knew I needed consent. It was May 2013. I had received a judicial order to return to my residential state that accused me of endangering my children and removing them without parental consent. In the months prior to this, my mother had ascended, I’d given birth […]

Single Mother Sex

As you may be able to imagine, single parenting can be extremely stressful. For me, sex is a huge stress release, and not being able to have regular sex can compound that stress and add frustration. Sex became a ritual of sorts, occurring only a few times a year when I could get the kids to sleep early enough and have my company out before they woke in the morning. These rituals turned into a full on sexual splurge when my children were away during the summer and winter breaks which contributed to how this blog was conceived, no pun intended.

Sin of a Double Life

I don’t enjoy complaining although I find myself doing it way more than I care to these day. Instead I search of reasons to be grateful, to be joyful, to be thankful yet I cannot ignore this sinking feeling that I feel. I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s not at all as fulfilling as I imagined it to be. I never expected it to be easy, but I certainly did not think for a second it would be this difficult.

Psychologically and emotionally draining, desperation invades every cell of my body as I beg the Universe for a peaceful escape. It never comes. I rage over the tiniest little things. My children cry out for my sanity to return. I’m sorry

Are Men Conditioned to be Predators?

Are men conditioned to be predators?

As I am confronted with the knowledge of a truth I have known but was not always aware of, I find myself mulling over this question. And as I gather all of the supporting details from experiences in my own life, past and current, I grow more sullen and more […]

Sex positive and body positive blog, Subscribe to PrettyPinkLotusBud.org for a refreshing perspective on sex, relationships, and spirituality. Tearing down social constructs one patriarchal perspective at a time.

An Analysis of Love

Love doesn’t hurt it is the things we associate with love that hurts us. Monogamy = commitment = faithful = love This is the assumed equation when it comes to love. However in my experience, it is an equation that is lacking dynamically. Can not one who is polyamorous also […]

Women's Orgasms Matter

Women’s orgasms matter because

Women’s orgasms matter because… as I wore my #WomensOrgasmsMatter t-shirt down the aisles of my local Wal-Mart both men and women commented how awesome my shirt was and inquired about where they could get one, but one black man said to me, “That’s a hard shirt to wear.” In the […]

What does it mean to be a sex positve parent? How does one navigate sex positivity when it comes to raising children?

To Be a Sex Positive Parent

I strive to raise sex positive children and as much as I strive for this, the reality is I don’t really know how. Contrary to what this blog may project…I am not a sex expert. The idea of being sex positive in general is relatively new to me so the […]

Pay Atten to the Pussy #WomensOrgasmsMatter

Pay Attention to the Pussy

Actor Jordan Tyler for #WomensOrgasmsMatter Guys….Pay Attention to the Pussy I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from women that their partners just don’t give the pussy the proper attention. And no, I don’t mean with their dicks. I mean with their tongues. They tell me that they […]

Why my sex positivity is not without fear shame or trauma by Myisha Soule- Guest Feature for PrettyPinkLotusBud.org

Why My Sex Positivity is Not without Fear, Shame, or Trauma.

Sex positivity, like social justice, like self-care, is becoming a catch phrase that is being used sometimes loosely and without a multifaceted understanding of the phrase’s function. Frequently, sex-positivity is often used to categorize or define free spirited, and fun sexual behavior. I myself have used this word to describe my message around masturbation and its benefits to Black Womxn or to provide context to my nude art.

A Weekend with my siSTAR

Have you ever met someone who had been a total stranger and felt something brilliant and beautiful resonating from within them? So much that you allowed or invited this person to stay awhile in your home without knowing much about them at all? Most people probably haven’t outside of some exchange or couch surfer’s program because we live in such a state of fear and skepticism. Well, this is certainly not the case for me.